Sugar Dating 101: Anti Salt Daddies

In this post, we are going to discuss a hot buzzword on the blog, Instagram, and Tumblr “Salt Daddy”. So what is a salt daddy? Let us put it in this way. At first glance sugar and salt look identical, but if you use salt to make brownies, you are going to have some seriously disgusting brownies. Basically, a salt daddy is anyone who fakes generosity to get girls on the site to talk to them.

Why’re There Salt Daddies

Sugar daddy apps have some hottest girls in the dating pool. So it is no wonder that the salty bees are attracted to our honey. The general consensus is that a piece of salt is someone who is not willing to gift and spoil but pretends that he will get into your pants. Men who lie about how much they make because they think it will entice girls are also pretty salty. Essentially a salt daddy tries to convince you that he will do things that he never had any intention of doing. So how do you identify a salt daddy? There are some clear indicators of a high sodium daddy.

How to Tell a Salt Daddy

The first red flag is our paper meat arrangements. You all know that I really hate this type of arrangement, never want to agree to a fixed price for meeting one time and want sustainable sugar. Paper meat means that he might be expecting something in return, and you could be blurring the lines between sugaring and escorting if you agree to something like that.

Another sign of salt is someone who does not want to discuss finances. It is understandable that on the first date this probably is not a topic that you should bring out, but you are both on the site for a reason. And monetary and incentives are what filled our sugar dating. If he does not want to talk money at some point, then you can take it as a hint that he is not really in it for the same reasons as you. This type of guy goes from sweet to salty really fast.

Common Misconceptions on “Salt Daddy”

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to the salt daddy. Some girls think that a salt daddy us anyone who does not want to give an allowance. But it is a wrong answer. In the fact, only half of the sugar daddies are willing to foot the bill run allowance, and the other ones they just want to spoil you. They will buy you gifts; take you to some fancy trips, dinners and lavish dates. Just because they do not want the relationship to feel transnational with a monthly allowance, it does not mean that he is salty.

The other misconception is that men who are looking for long-term relationships or maybe even marriage are salt daddies. It is also wrong. For many women on our site, ideally, they are actually looking for a long-term situation where they are either a live-in girlfriend or live-in sugar baby. But you should definitely remember that if he is not looking for your particular brand of sugar, he is not necessarily salt. Hopefully, now you have a good understanding of what a salt daddy is.

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