Elite Dating Apps and Websites

Elite dating apps and websites have always been a hot dating category, and whether you’re an elite yourself or have an idea to date with the elite, you can try those elite dating apps. While it may be difficult to distinguish between the two for the unfamiliar, there is a difference between elite dating and sugar dating in essence. Unlike sugar dating, elite dating has so much less to offer for mutual benefit and more for emotional blending. So, if you’re looking for a high quality date and relationship, take a look at some of the elite dating apps and websites below.

Sudy dating app is one of the very competitive elite dating apps for the elite and rich singles, has been in operation for years and successfully matched a couple of people and helped them in getting suitable matches. You may know it as a sugar daddy app, but there’s no obvious boundary between sugar daddy and rich singles, as long as you can make him / her fall in love with you, it’s called elite dating.

Overall Rating 92%
Popularity 93%
Unique Features 90%
User Experience 94%
App Available / Website Available


Millionaire Match

Millionaire match was Established in 2001. It’s a dating website for group of millionaires and all facets of the business world who are very successful and also lots of elite singles who want to be matched up with a partner. As a very origin elite dating app, Millionaire Match has a large number of quality users, who are bosses, lawyers, doctors and other social elite. If you are looking for a elite dating, it’s one of elite dating apps you should try.

Overall Rating 85%
Popularity 91%
Unique Features 80%
User Experience 85%
Android App Available / Website Available

Luxy specifically gives users the right to audit. The members already in can vote in or vote out new users. I have to say, this is a good way to ensure the quality of users, but this process is slow, and also  can make a small number of high-quality users to be rejected for personal preferences. Luxy claim to bring elite and attractive singles who Shares same interests, but their members can be a bit expensive for the attractive.

Overall Rating 80%
Popularity 69%
Unique Features 83%
User Experience 87%
App Available / Website Available

As its name suggests, Elite Singles is a dating platform for educated singles. Interestingly, it also has a number of categories on the elite dating tone, such as dating for the single parent, Christian, gay and Asian, which is a good thing to cater a different kind of needs by different people. In addition, Elite Singles seems to be doing well in terms of security, which can make more elite people feel more at ease to date here.

Overall Rating 76%
Popularity 79%
Unique Features 76%
User Experience 73%
App Available / Website Available

If you want to date someone who shares your education level and ambition, The League can be a great choice for you. The League is dedicated to maintaining users’ high standards. The best thing in The League is that your profile will not be seen by someone who doesn’t meet your preferences. Besides, your information will be hidden from Facebook and Linkedin, which means the awkward situation of being found by friends wouldn’t happen.

Overall Rating 75%
Popularity 78%
Unique Features 73%
User Experience 76%
App Available