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FetLife Review: The Largest Kinky Community

FetLife is one of the latest websites for people that want a good social network where they can only find others interested in fetish, BDSM, kinky content and so on. FetLife is widely known for the fact that it’s a pretty open social network, and every FetLife suggests that the kinky community here is active and also very friendly. They are welcoming you with open arms, and that does tend to say a lot about a community like this one.

It really impresses you with the true strength that they put into developing the community, and that on its own is very special. It definitely has the potential to offer some rewarding benefits, and in the end, FetLife is bound to bring in front some good experiences all the time.


The website design is not the best according to the FetLife review. And you can see why. The dark approach makes the tone a bit too strange for a website like this. Having a kinky community makes you think about colors, about something fun and not exactly things that are grim and not that colorful. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad look, but it definitely can be improved in a few ways, and that’s the thing that really matters the most when it comes to this.

Aside from that, the looks are great and the experience as a whole is pretty rewarding. It will take a little while for you to enjoy such an approach, and the value will be indeed a nice one here. We like the fact that there’s a whole lot of quality and professionalism to be found with the design, so you can easily see that this is a premium community despite a few bells and whistles here and there.


The FetLife review process was a comprehensive one, but we did like the fact that their kinky community is so large. They have more than 7 million people in there. It’s not just any site where you can go and talk about kinky stuff. This is actually a massive community and it’s also a friendly one too. Basically, you can talk with people about sex, your fantasies, what you like from a fetish and BDSM standpoint and so on.

The idea here is that everyone with an open mind will have a great time on the site. And since they have so much interesting content in there, you will be more than happy to check it out and peruse this from time to time, which is a very good thing to keep in mind in the end. A lot of people love this because it’s simple and unique, and in the end, it can indeed be a great opportunity to consider. People love the FetLife review approach we had because we actually created a profile to see how everything works.

Speaking of that, profile creation is easy. They don’t put a lot of hassle and focus on creating profiles. It will be a good experience all in all, and you will love the way it works. That being said, we liked the fact that there’s a lot of adaptability with this, and you are always in control over the entire process. It won’t be very simple right off the bat, and while it will take a little while for you to adjust and adapt to all these things, it will certainly be worth your time just because the platform is so good and friendly.


They did a very good job when it comes to security. It’s extremely hard to find a way for people to stay safe in this tiresome and challenging online world. There will always be people that want to do harm, but thankfully FetLife has a lot of great features here. You have encryption, which is a great starting point. Stealing content or locking accounts is pretty much impossible thanks to that. And then you also have HTTPS, as well as a huge variety of great things here. It will take a little while for you to adapt and adjust everything to suit your needs. But it will definitely offer you some nice experiences, and it all comes down to making the right approach and having fun.

If you believe that you can enjoy your time while talking about fetishes and BDSM, then FetLife is the right one for you. While it will take a little while to adapt and manage all of this, it will be worth it in the end. Why? Because it offers a great set of opportunities, and in the end, it can indeed bring in one of the best ways for you to still be a part of the kinky community without having to worry about anything at all.

Do people use FetLife often?

There are 7 million members, but we heard rumors that out of them around 1-2 million are active each month. Most of these people enter the site every day. And then you have a lot of things like personal connections, dates, flirts and also exchanges that take place here. This is a fully fledged kinky community and it’s just a lot of fun to see how everyone in here enjoys the process and evolves in ways you would not imagine.

This community is amazing and it really goes to show how great FetLife really is. Of course, it will take a little while to adjust and adapt all of this in a suitable manner. It will take a little while for you to get used to the interface, but for the most part, FetLife is very fun to use. Becoming a member is easy, you can do that for free, and it’s just a great social media that really shines in that perspective. Plus, it makes sense to have a kinky community social media, it just feels right here. And the good thing is that you are always in control, you can adapt and adjust it in ways you would never imagine. Just check it out!

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