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How to tell if a girl likes you

Do you have that one girl who gives you the green light then makes you feel like you are not liked? You see, the problem is, you are not looking closely, but not to worry, this article will put you through and show you those signs that show she likes you and that ultimate sign that she is not just into you and you need to back off at this point. Before we start though, you need to understand that this is not straight up signs, don’t go around looking for signs and lose touch of the moment that you both shared for instance, a girl could be smiling at your jokes, that doesn’t mean she is 100% into you, unless you want to tell me that no girl has smiled at you before – which would be totally strange by the way. So, what are those signs?

She touches you ‘A lot’

If a girl likes you, trust me, there will be a reason why she would want to touch you. It could be the subtle touch, from brushing against your shoulder to reaching out to your chest or your arm, and yes, I said chest, especially when you’ve got abs and chest some girls would fight to touch. Sometimes, it could be a PDA kind of touch like a hug when she sees you or when she is about to leave.

No matter how she touches you (so far as it’s not aggressive), the fact is, they are always conscious of the things they touch or what touches their body, so, if she touches you all the time, you can then assume that this is intentional. If she does that intentional, it can only mean one thing, she really likes you.

She Texts you back instantly.

Trust me, girls are usually with their phone, if you send her a message and she doesn’t replay, its time you move on, but, if she replies you instantly, you are on the right track my friend, keep going. And apart from replying you instantly, one of the signs she likes you over text is how she flirts with you when you try to flirt with her, does she reciprocate? If yes, that’s a good sign.

Talking to you is fun for her.

When a girl is happy to talk to you all the time, it’s a very good sign. You should lean to start up a conversation with her, I’ve seen couples who clicked from the moment they started talking, it’s a connection, this sort of connection can only spark to life when both of you talk, and trust me, if she doesn’t get tired of talking to you, it’s not just a sign, it’s a green light, go for it.

Not to worry, she might be nervous, some girls do have a problem talking because they are shy, what you need to do at this point is to make her feel comfortable with you. ask her a few questions but wait for her to gather her thoughts – she’s not granting an interview, so, don’t rush it.

She laughs at your joke even when it’s obviously not funny.

The careful line to a thread on here is that make sure she’s not just laughing because she wants to encourage you – but how will you know, right? Well, I don’t know either, but you can win if you don’t stake, as long as you aren’t overdoing it, but even if that’s the case, her putting an effort is a good sign, it only means you are worth it.

But back to our point, if a girl laughs at your joke then it’s obviously because she is into you. sometimes they giggle especially when they are nervous, but the laughter that creates the moment you want is that laughter you both shared that came from your bellies. The kind of laughter that you both share that makes others think you’ve both gone kuku.

She licks her lips.

This is more on the sensual level, you’ve seen movies and music videos where the female vixens licking lips, that’s not what I mean though, but much close to it, if a girl starts to lick lips around you, apart from her dreaming to lay her lips on yours, but hold on, don’t get ahead of yourself yet, this could be because her lips are dry, but hold on! Why would her lips be dry in the first place, check, is she in a hot place, if no, then definitely, she is nervous, and if a girl is nervous around you, and if it’s not because you have a gun pointed to our head, then it’s because of you my friend. This for me is a sign, a green light that you need to chase.

She’s not comfortable with you flirting with other girls.

A girl who really likes you will be uncomfortable with you flirting with other girls. Hey, isn’t it obvious, nobody wants a competition, some even go as far as reacting openly, while some will some will walk away from that scene so as not to see you acting all mushy with some other girls? But you really have to be careful, flirting with other girls might have a negative effect on your chances of hitting it up with the right girl. The moment she starts seeing you as ladies’ man, she will lose that interest in you IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t blame her, do you want her to trust a boyfriend who is quick to flirt with other girls even while she is there? That’s why I usually advise that you don’t go around flirting with girls especially when you have one that one girl that seems like she is the one.

She stares at you.

You know what they say about not being able to take your eyes off things that you find attractive, just like you spotting a Koenigsegg one:1 on the other side of the road, you will find it hard taking your eyes off it right? Exactly, when a girl likes you, she will stare at you and will maintain that eye contact when you lock eyes. Sometimes, she may give you a double take, scan your face or give you a smile. Come on dude, go for it already, what other sign do you need, this by far is one of the most obvious signs that a girl likes you. if she’s shy or nervous, she may look somewhere else or down most of the times especially when you lock eyes.

The moment she looks somewhere else when she realizes that you’re staring at her too, thumbs up, you are almost there. This 90% of the times means that she is interested in you. don’t screw it up.

Her friends give you two that ‘lone’ time.

Come on, you guys do it too. How do her friends act when you are around? When you go over to her place, or meet her hanging out with her friends, and they make an effort to leave both of you alone, this means that they know how much she likes you. do they giggle when they see you around her?

And pay attention, girls talk to their friends about most guys that they meet, and if she likes you and notices that they seem friendly and want to give you guys space, then it’s a good sign that they like you. But, yes, this could also mean that they can’t just stand being around you – that’s just 10% of the times. This is just part of the things to look out for.

She pays full attention to you

When a girl likes you, she will cherish the time you two share together, she will never share the attention she’s giving you with anyone else and in a glaring way would be enthusiastic about sharing the moment with you. There are different scenarios and definitely, different ways a girl would react.

If she is in a group with you, she will pay more attention to you than she would to others, isolating you from the crowd. If she is shy, she might want to stay in the conversation but don’t think because she is not enthusiastic about it, she doesn’t like you, the truth is, it’s just what it is, she is shy. so, at the end of it all, if she is in a group and she cares about how you react to other people in the group around, it a sign that she truly likes……you of course!

She Fidgets a lot (especially when you are around)

Hey, whether they like you or not, girls fidget a lot. But that doesn’t mean this can’t be a sign, if she is nervous around you, you can always find this out, no matter how hard she tries to hide it. so, what do you do? Look for subtle, little things that will make you find out. It could be while she is holding her phone or anything she is holding. No matter what, fidgeting is always a sign of attraction, a sure sign that she’s waiting for you to make that move. Just do it already.

As I said, these are good signs, but they are not definite too. You don’t want to start acting weird around her by trying to sniff out her thoughts about you.

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