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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: 12 Signs He Has a Crush on You.

They say actions speak louder than words, that includes signs and body language too. As a lady, have you ever been around someone who made you feel like you had butterflies in your tummy? Especially when he looks at you. that’s your heart responding to the signs of him liking you, but it’s not as easy as we think it is been liked doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be with you. Not to worry, there are some signs no matter how subtle that shows that he really likes you and would love to take it to the next level with you.

I’m sure guys won’t be comfortable with this, that’s because they see themselves as experts when it comes to hiding feelings. But they aren’t, yep! You see, these signs are in their subconscious, and when you’ve some habits in your subconscious. It is always hard to control it, and its pretty easy to figure these signs out. The problem is since the world of dating is now evolving, it’s becoming more complex to understand these signs. With the signs that we’ve been able to gather, you no have less to worry about.

Here are the signs that show that he really likes you.

He is always ready and open to spending more time with you.

You’ve heard people talk about been busy and for that, they won’t be able to be with you, that’s not the case when someone really likes you. for a guy who likes you, being with you won’t be a problem at all. He will always want to spend more time with you. Guys don’t count the hours they spend with a girl they like; the simple reason is that he feels happy when he is with you and he will definitely not see anything wrong with spending more time with you over and over again.

He behaves differently when he is around you.

This shouldn’t be mistaken as pretense, it’s not, but think about it, when you are around someone you like, you’d want to be on your best behavior, to make him see you in a good light, the same applies for guys too, if a guy likes you, he will behave differently when he is around you. The different acts might include fidgeting, nervous acts or drops (a little bit) his alpha attitude.

If you ask me, this is by far the best part, when you are in the midst of lots of people, he will always give you a lot of attention. Let’s say you both are at a pool party, try to isolate yourself, move away from the crowd that both of you are, if you are with him, you can tell him that you’d like to go get something, when you leave, stay for a long time. Now, this is the point, try to put yourself in the path of his site, when you catch him staring at you and he walks up to come and meet you, that means he is drawn to you subconsciously, he will follow you wherever you go. But you have to tread carefully, you don’t want to show a wrong sign that you don’t want to come close to him, like you used that excuse to get away from him, no you don’t want to do that, you will only turn him off by doing that, which I’m sure you don’t want, because he will never come back. Don’t turn him off, the catch here is to pull him over with your confidence and aura.

Other extreme signs might include blushing, or been a little bit flustered when he is talking to you. The summary is when you start noticing him behaving differently with you than he would with other people around him, it’s a concrete sign that’s worth holding on to, it means he holds you in high esteem. Another catch would be the way he treats you when you are in the midst of his friends, does he give you that attention you crave for, usually, the way he acts with you when he is with his friend would speak a lot. So, watch!

He Complements your appearance a lot.

Complementing you might be his way of telling you he likes you and would want to make you feel good. But there is a caveat to this, if it’s a guy that is already close to you, hey, that might just be a friendly compliment, you shouldn’t take it the wrong way, it’s what it is. You should understand that men are moved by what they see, more visual than women, for that, what would spark that interest in a guy is how you look (your appearance) while yours could be something about him.

Apart from physical appearance, it could be something other guys don’t see in you, while complimenting you on how you look is good (and a true sign), what would hit the spot is if he compliments you on something even you didn’t notice about yourself. It could be the way you handle things, your maturity and how you handle the situation, it’s a sign that he truly likes you. something concrete that’s worth holding on to but remembers, if he is your bestie or a friend, this sign might not apply in this scenario, just use your discretion.

He makes eye contact.

You know how you stare at that awesome dress you see in a shop, you’d love to have one for yourself. Exactly, that kind of stare. A guy who finds you attractive will always make eye contact a lot. I’m not talking about that “jack the ripper” kind of look (and yep! Not saying I’ve seen him before by the way), but I’m sure you know what I mean, it’s not a stare that scares the hell out of you, it’s more like a sensual stare with a smile of course. If he maintains that eye contact with you, hold it long enough, ding! Ding!! Ding!!!, that’s it, I know this sounds weird, but if you like him and you’d like to know him better, you can move closer to him.

But it might interest you to know that eye contact isn’t the only thing that shows he is into you, don’t be shocked when he starts to stare at your chest or head, this is according to a research that was carried out in Wellesley College. I hope this will ring in your head before hitting him for staring at your chest, that’s another sign that he is into you.

His he Responsive to touch

How does he respond when you touch him (could be his arm or shoulder), whichever part you touch, does the recoil? Sometimes, this might be as a result of him being nervous. Question is. What could make him feel nervous? If he doesn’t have a gun pointed at him, that can only mean he is really interested in you. you have nothing to worry about, you can always rely on the body language and how he treats you.

Some will touch you for no reason or any reason, it could be a hug when he meets you, or try to touch you to build that rapport by touching your hand when either of you tells a funny joke or wrap his arm around you just like they would to their little brother or sister. The problem with this is that it could be difficult for a shy guy, they are quite difficult to read, and when you touch him, he might recoil or pull back, that doesn’t really mean he is not into you, he is just shy! He just doesn’t know how to respond. So, deal with it!

Signs he likes you over text

You see, when a guy is into you, he will become conscious, and would not want to appear desperate, but because he likes you, your guy will ditch this consciousness and would text you many times, double-text you. Just like guys would know the signs girls like them over text, there are signs he likes you over text too. Like sending you a good morning text, you spend lots of time chatting each other up. If he texts you a lot, it’s a great sign that he really likes you, and to simplify it further, he wants to get your attention, you should give him that if you like him too.

A guy who likes you will tease you a lot.

Remember when we were kids, one of the easiest tactic guys used then would be to do something to pull your legs, calling you funny names, taking your books (hiding them) and doing other stuff), I must confess, this tactic really worked, and why am I not surprised to know that this tactic still works, well, it does. A guy that really likes you will tease you a lot.

Yes, grown-up guys still use that tactic, and before you get judgmental about this, grown-up ladies fall for this too.

If you are wondering why that guy in your class teases you a lot, it’s because he likes you. but don’t get it twisted, teasing is in levels, I’m not talking about the bullying type, I mean those little things that get your attention. When he starts to make you feel uncomfortable and pisses you off, you will need to let him know, that he needs to back off. But when he’s feeling playful and wants to make you laugh, you will know, so you don’t have to worry about it.

He smiles a lot around you.

We all know smiling is an attractive feature for anybody, it is also a sign that someone likes you. The next time you guys are together, notice if he smiles at you frequently, and what kind of smile is he giving you? it could also be a polite way of showing that he is interested in what you are trying to say. And if he is faking the smile, you can always know and if you can’t, just look at his eyebrow, when someone is faking a smile, you will know by looking at the eyebrow and the cheeks.

The ultimate kind of smile that you need to look out for to know if he is into you is that one that includes his eye – smiling that includes his eyes shows that he is digging you a lot and you can always amplify this by reciprocating this yourself when you smile you will amplify his smile.

Pay close attention to his friends.

One of the easiest indicators is being with your guy’s friend, being with them will tell you all you need to know. Now, have you met with his friends? If yes, well, that’s the first sign. That on its own means, his friends know about you already, secondly, he loves showing you off to them and anybody else.

It could be that you just met with this guy and his friends, all at the same time, no matter what, you can always get the clue you seek from the first time you meet up with his friends.

If you get the sign that he talks to his friends about you, they will say things like the nice one Mike, you’ve got a real one now! My point is, you are looking for subtle clues, like him being comfortable with you and his friends, and him being comfortable to talk to them about you (the lady in his life), if yes, then that’s a good sign. Nobody wants a secret relationship, that can be toxic.

Every woman loves a guy that’s ready to tell the whole world that he found the love of his life, and would climb the mountain to scream it loud for the world to hear.

But if you haven’t met with his friends, just tell him you’d like to meet up with them. I’d advice you tell him to bring them to a bar, you will find what you seek in his response. You don’t have to tell him to introduce you to his friends, if he is not into you, he hasn’t done that already, and if he hasn’t, well, he wouldn’t want to make plans with them, but if he really likes you, he would want to make plans with you and introduce you to them (I mean, his closest friends).

Has he connected with you on social media yet?

If no, it’s still not a real proof that he doesn’t like you, but if he has, you’ve got a good sign, it means, he is not scared to share with you a little bit of his privacy, and secondly, he wants to chat you up. Connecting on social media can also mean real-life connections. And if he adds you up, it can also mean he wants to share a part of your world.

He will start liking your Facebook post, your Instagram pictures and commenting on the things you share on your wall. Though this is not a 100% sign that he really likes you, it’s one sure way of knowing if he does.

Will hardly forget what you tell him.

So, you’ve once talked about your favorite drink and months later, you are out on a date with him, and he gets you your favorite drink, it shows he is always thinking about you, one more indication? A sure sign that he is not hypnotized when you are talking to him, that he is actually listening to you and interested in whatever it is you are saying. Let me tell you something, no matter how dumb what you are saying is, a guy that really likes you will never forget (at least not all of it), it’s a great sign.

He asks you lots of questions

Listen, generally speaking, nobody loves someone who talks about themselves lots of the time. A lot of guys don’t know this, and it’s simple, if a guy does this when you are out on a date, it shows he is self-centered and only thinks about himself. If he likes you, he would ask questions, why? Because he wants to know you better, that’s why! He will ask about your family, your upbringing, and your friends too. The bonding starts to flow when there are a question and answer cycle going on.

You can actually know if a guy likes you when you are together on a date by the number of questions, he asks you. it shouldn’t seem like an interrogation though and there should also be silent moments too. My point is, you should avoid guys that talk about themselves a lot.

There you have it, these are signs that he is really into you but make sure you don’t act weird around guys just because you are looking for clues, this won’t help your course.

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