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KinkD Review: Fulfill your BDSM & Fetish Fatasies

When it comes to kinky dating, there are no holds barred most of the time. Sure, it can be a bit strange at first to find a nice and fun dating experience with a website like Kinkd. But if you read this Kinkd review you will notice that they do know how to make people enjoy the experience and result all the time. Even if you do believe this is a challenging website to check out and explore, the outcome is nice if you like fetish or BDSM dating.

What should you know about the Kinkd review?

As you most likely imagine, this is not the site that everyone will love. There are always some new and cool ideas here and there, but Kinkd is all about offering kinky content that everyone loves and enjoys whenever you see fit. And it does pay off very well here, the only thing is that you really have to figure out what you are getting into with this.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that this is a mobile app. The fact that this is available on mobile is quite interesting and it definitely increases the likability factor. It does also show there are lots of people on mobile that truly need this type of content. You really have to know what you are getting into when you use such an application. We think that it’s never an easy thing to offer such an app, and that alone will shine.

Great interface

During the Kinkd review, we noticed that Kinkd is super easy to adjust and use the way you see fit. The app does a very good job at connecting you with other kinky people out there and everything is handled adequately and with great success. It’s safe to say that it does take a while to get used to the concept. But the Tinder like a system of liking or disliking people is familiar and fun to go through. It’s all about understanding the concept and trying to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

What a lot of people like is that you will find couples as well as singles that you can connect with if you want. All the little details matter here, and it’s up to you to adjust and adapt everything in order to bring you the value and efficiency you want in no time.

Photo verification

In order to use Kinkd you will have to do a photo verification. That’s one of the things that really make this site stand out. You never have to worry about scams or anything like that, because the process is very convenient and impressive, not to mention valuable as well. As long as you have a third party system to handle this, you will never have to worry about any scammers that want to take advantage of people.

Instead, Kinkd will always know the identity of every user. And if there are any fraudulent activities, they can be notified and a fraudulent account will be stopped. But you know exactly who does that and it’s just a really efficient system that works better than you would imagine. Just the tiny details put into this matter a lot, so you might as well focus on efficiency as much as you can.


It’s nice to see that you have a focus on privacy in here. That’s because a website like this really needs a good focus on privacy. And honestly, with Kinkd you really get to have all of that. They did a very good job of addressing the core problems of a website like this, and in the end, you really want to have such a good and reliable system. Even if you do encounter some challenges here and there, Kinkd is always going to be a great system and one that you will enjoy again and again. What you might not know is that you can restrict your profile to specific types of people. Plus, you are always in control when it comes to all that’s displayed on the app. It’s just better and simpler for you to have complete control over everything.

In case you want to limit your photos, you can totally do that. And if they want to see your photos, they can require you such a thing. You grant them access to the photos, and in the end, you get to see who they are well before they see your photos. This kind of system makes it easy to avoid all the potential challenges that you have to deal with and at the end that will be well worth the effort just to keep that in mind, to be honest. It’s all about having the right tools and limits you need to achieve amazing results all the time.

Is it worth using

Our Kinkd review shows that this is a great app for people interested in kink, bondage, fetish dating and so on. It’s certainly a unique type of application. It’s a bit sad that you don’t have a complete website where you can use these features and you are stuck with an app. But on the other hand, having an app means more portability and a lot more control. Every piece of detail matters here, and once you make the right pick the results will be extremely good. You just have to know what you are getting into, and once you do that the outcome can indeed be among some of the best all the time.

You can use Kinkd all over the world. The app is full of features and it can be adapted and adjusted to your own needs. It also has lots of cool privacy options according to the Kinkd review. So yes, we believe that Kinkd is well worth it if you want to access kink or fetish, BDSM dating and so on. Once you enter with an open mind, you will find this really nice and interesting!

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