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Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

The moment you are in love, you start to do things that you normally look back at and say to yourself “would I have done this in the past? What has gotten into me?” Yep, we understand, don’t blame yourself. You are just in love. It may sound or look terrible. There is always that one person to blame it all on. Yep, that’s “LOVE”. Blame it on this guy. But on a serious note, one of the silly things we do out of love is calling our significant other special and cute nicknames. But first, let’s deal with the names you can call your man. Ladies, we’ve gathered many names that you can choose from, just in case you are looking for a name that suits your man perfectly. Just check one of the names we’ve listed below.

List of nicknames to call your boyfriend (listed in an alphabetical order)

  • Ace – do you have a boyfriend who is as brilliant as Krish (you know Krish right?). If yes, then Ace would be the perfect name to call him. Ace is simply a perfect name to call a genius, your genius.
  • Acushla – don’t worry, this is a term used in Ireland. It simply means “vein” or “pulse”, when and where to use this name is really up to you.
  • Adonis – You’ve got a cute guy, if he is very handsome, don’t go too far. Adonis would just be right for him.
  • Adorable – You see, sometimes, you don’t have to check the dictionary or browse through Mariam Webster to find a name for your man. Just call him what he is to you. If he is adorable, just call him that.
  • Amazing twin -sometimes, it could just be the Amazing part. But if you both share a bond that seems unbreakable, calling him Amazing twin would be great. And of course, you know what the twin stands for.
  • Amore Mio – Normally, calling him ‘My love’ would be fine. But that could seem cliché and sound flat. So, to add the spice it needs, Amore Mio, which is an Italian phrase that means “My love”, would do the trick. Surely this would add the spice I talked about.
  • Angel – I hope you this wasn’t inspired by the Buffy (the vampire slayer) series. If that’s what you think, well, you won’t be totally wrong. But anyways, this is one perfect name for a guy that’s a sweet and caring guy in your life.
  • Apple – give it a twist. It’s nice to go for a fruity name and apple is just the right name to call him.
  • Babe – This one is pretty popular, amongst girls and boys too. But when you have a man in your life that you would like to look out for, a guy you feel you need to take care of, calling him babe.
  • Babes – This is quite different from a babe, while we said babe was for a guy you’d always look out for. Babes, on the other hand, is a term you use for a guy that is dear to you.
  • Baby – Baby is a cute nickname you call a guy who you really love and would want to spoil.
  • Baby Angel – Do you have a boyfriend that’s cute and very kind, makes you feel at ease when you are around him, then this is one name that fits.
  • Baby Love – This is one other name to call a guy that you truly love, a guy that means so much to you.
  • Boo Bear – This is a name you call a guy that you love to cuddle with all the time.
  • Book Worm – So, you don’t like the name “Ace”, sounds too serious for you? well, Bookworm is a name you can call a guy whose head is always buried in his books.
  • Cadillac – if you’ve got an intelligent and classy boyfriend, calling him Cadillac would be great.
  • Captain Awesome – This is one cute name to call a guy who is awesome, fantastic and fun to be with.
  • Daddy – This is one of the millennial nicknames to call you’re significant other, a pet name that suits a boyfriend or your lover.
  • Darling – This is one other name you call your man if he is dear to you, someone you really appreciate.
  • Ecstasy – What another name would you call a guy who gives you that exciting feeling when you are around? Ecstasy is the right name to call him.
  • Fabulous – Come on, the name speaks for itself.
  • Face Genius – A cute name for a boyfriend with a handsome face.
  • Fantasy – This is a name you call a guy who’s always your dream guy.
  • Gem – This is a name you call that guy that is special to you.
  • Halo – A pet name you call a guy who is glowing and looks much more like a saint.
  • Icy – For that cool boyfriend of yours.
  • Iron Man – For a guy who is very strong, I mean, exceptionally strong.
  • Jaguar – This is one cool nickname for that energetic boyfriend of yours.
  • Kizaru – if you’ve got a boyfriend who oozes integrity, this is one name that will stick perfectly.
  • Knee Bender – if he melts your knees when you are with him, this would be a good name for him.
  • Lamb Chop – This is a name for that boyfriend who is very cute.

Alright, let’s end it here. Before we end this write up, let’s put you through how you can come up with your own name. You might find good names online, but what if you want to call him a name that is very unique?

How to come up with a cool nickname for your boyfriend.

  • First, you need to understand that one of the ways to give him a nickname should be based on his physical attributes.
  • The name should be based on his image/personality.
  • You can also tweak his name to come up with a special name.

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