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Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

Some if not all of us have a pet name that we’ve given to that one person that brightens our day. As subtle as these nicknames are, they show how affectionate and passionate you are for that significant other, how close they are to your heart. Just like we’ve said earlier, these nicknames are gotten from your significant other’s real name, inspired by a TV show, or his/her physical attributes, and even when it sounds silly, it still shows how much love you’ve got for that person. When it comes to picking a nickname for your girl/woman, it has to be something romantic, sensual and perfect.

Let us say your girlfriend has a way of making you smile or making you feel happy when she is around. A great way to show her she does this to you is to call her Peach, Peach is a nickname that you give to someone who is delightful. Apart from giving you the names, we’ve also made sure that we add the meaning too, that way it won’t be misread which you’d want to avoid at all cost. So, what names have we prepared? Read on to find out.

  •    Boo – If you’ve got a sexy chick, calling her a boo won’t be a bad idea.
  •    Juliet– when your girl is the Heroine in your love tale, the kind of woman you’ve always dreamt of having, calling her this would make sense.
  •    Precious / Treasure – sometimes, when you are in love with someone, you feel like they are yours to protect. When a lady is that to you, calling her precious or treasure won’t be out of place.
  •    My Queen – This is one cute name you’d want to give that girl in your life who is a fan of the fantasy tale. It’s just a way to show her love and respect.
  •    Sunny or Sunshine – remember we talked about giving her a name that suits what she does to you, how she makes you feel. One of the ways to go about that is calling her Sunny or Sunshine. We all know what Sunshine does to us, how it makes you feel.
  •    Babylicious – Rather than calling her Baby (I’m not saying that’s bad, but to spice things up), giving her a portmanteau word such as Babylicious would do the trick. Portmanteau words are great when used the right way.
  •    Lover girl – lover girl is a nickname that sounds very romantic and of course classy too. Couples use it a lot. The best time to call her this is when she calls you lover boy.
  •    Sugar Cube – Let’s not leave out the foody nickname. One of the best foody nicknames to give your girl is Sugar Cube. If your girl is the sweet one, go ahead, you’ve got the perfect name.
  •    Kind Witch – if staring at her usually dazzle you, leave you mesmerizes, you can call her this. Though this is a good name. this name is used by a few people.
  •    Loo Loo – A name that fits any lady that oozes happiness, brightens your day and coupled with that. If she is hot, sweet and fun loving, go ahead, call her this nickname.
  •   Little Monkey – This sounds weird I know. But if your girlfriend is the naughty type, then feel free to call her this name.
  •    Tea Cup – Talk about a cute name, Teacup will stand out as one of the cutest names to call your girlfriend. Don’t over think it, this has no real meaning, but it sounds great right? Exactly, that’s the point, this shouldn’t stop you from giving her that cute name.
  •    Honey Lips – this for me is a sensual nickname to call your girlfriend, especially when she is one good kisser. Sounds nice, right?
  •    Baby Love – Another cute name. This is one pet name to give your girlfriend too. as I said before, don’t over think the meaning. It does make logical sense too, but the cuteness in the name makes it one of my favorites.
  •    Care Bear – I’m sure you’ve watched that cartoon, right? So, you can relate to why that name will suit her perfectly. In case you want to write her poetry or send her a love text, this name will make your job easier.
  •    Fruit Loop – Sounds odd? Yep, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is adorable. But be careful, this is also a subtle way to call her crazy, if she is, she will understand.
  •    Honey Buns – A sweet girlfriend deserves a sweet name. Calling her Honey Buns means you think she is sweet or sweet looking. Anyways, this is a great name to call a sweet girlfriend.
  •    Kit Kat – To make her feel fluffy, like a teddy bear, buy her ice cream, chocolate and put the name in a note.
  •    Goddess– if you’ve got an extremely hot girlfriend, someone who is dead gorgeous, calling her Goddess will make sense.
  •    Summer– When a girl brightens your day or your soul, she deserves a name that will depict that. Calling her Summer symbolizes happiness. If she makes you feel happy, call her this name.
  •    Precious Angel – This is an affectionate name to call a girlfriend who is sweet and kind hearted. A name that suits that adorable chick.
  •  Pumpkin – This is one popular nickname that guys call their girlfriends, you should too. A nice name for a cute girlfriend.
  •    Hot Stuff – Its great to make your lady feel special and attractive. Calling her Hot Stuff will make her feel that way.
  •    Kitten– The name Kitten is a great nickname to give a girl especially knowing that it can be changed, chopped and worked upon.

This is how to choose a nickname for your girlfriend

o    When it comes to choosing a nickname for your girlfriend, you need to make sure she doesn’t find it annoying.

o    If she doesn’t want you to call her a sexual name in public, you shouldn’t.

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