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Rich Meet Beautiful Review: Rich Men and Women Meet the Attractive

Rich Meet Beautiful is a European based sugar daddy/sugar baby dating site, it was launched not quite long, and to be accurate it was launched in August of 2017. A well-designed sugar daddy site I must say. What really makes this website thick is its huge listings. It really suits all sugar daddies. For every one sugar daddy, there are four sugar babies available. It suits both the sugar daddies and sugar babies, for the sugar daddies, they have enough sugar babies to go around, and for the sugar babies, they have a platform where they can get a client, we’ve heard about websites that have gone down the drain because there aren’t enough sugar babies to go around.

User Experience

As a user, the first thing you’d notice is how well designed it is, logging in is not really that complicated like some other sites, you can log in by using your Facebook account, coupled with some selections and modifications which would make you complete your profile so you can start surfing through. There are certain things you will need to make sure is checked though, like, the role you will be playing (will you be playing the sugar baby, sugar boy, sugar daddy, or sugar mummy), what you will be expecting (from your own price to over $10 000 on a monthly basis). There are other things to add, I’m talking about your eyes, hair, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, etc) when creating your profile or you can do this later.

Even though you are able to try out the site for free, you need to understand that this version is totally limited when we talk of functionalities and privileges. There are certain things you can do with the paid-for subscription that you are not allowed to do with the free version, this is normal, you see it with other dating sites.

Signing Up

Still on the account creation story, just like any other sugar daddy websites, the Rich Meet Beautiful website allows you to create your own account with the use of your email account. Once you are able to provide a valid email and a captcha just to make sure you are not a robot. When you link your Facebook with the site and you need not worry about getting newsletter or spam been posted on your site. While signing up, you will be asked to choose your country and the language among the continents, from Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, United States or Canada, you just have to choose.   

The only problem I have with this site will be the language barrier, if what you are looking for interested sugar baby singles in Scotland and the United Kingdom, well you be fortunate to find what you want, problem is Rich Meet Beautiful is an adult dating site for English and those who live in Ireland, not to forget the other English countries. Really not great for Americans and Canadians. Really have a problem with that.

If you feel you’d love to reach out to German, Spanish, and French girls, you will have to speak their language, which I don’t really see as a problem (and it’s quite different compared to the issue of not been able to surf from America and Canada). The translation is not really a problem, the Rich Meet Beautiful site has been translated into different languages, this is to make sure they can cater to many countries as possible. They are also available in many countries including those where their girls are only able to communicate with broken English, they call this type of countries “mail order bride”.

What the Subscription Prices for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas

  • 1-month subscription on this website is €39.99
  • 3 months subscription €89.97
  • 6 months subscription goes for €119.94
  • 12 months subscription €179.88

Please note that prices are in Euro and the United States Dollar.

Notable Features of Rich Meet Beautiful 

  •    It has search filters that are fully comprehensive and your search history is saved automatically.
  •    Rich Meet Beautiful has a platform that displays members who are currently online.
  •    You can only communicate effectively by subscribing to the premium membership.
  •    The app and website both have messaging functions.
  •    It has a chat-room
  •    The only sugar role that has access to sending and viewing of messages are the sugar babies.
  •    It has search options.


The navigation of the Rich Meet Beautiful is very modern and smooth, really professional and makes use of every space on your mobile device screen. It doesn’t look like those annoying websites where the screen is always at the center of your screen. The two things I like about this website would be the design and the fact that the front-page load fast, not to mention how easy it is to navigate.

Still, on the navigation, it has no pop-up window or any distracting intro that would compel you to join. The Ad-free experience makes it one of my favorites. Immediately you become a member, searching for other members won’t be hard.  

The Listings

The final part we would discuss is the sugar daddy/sugar baby listings. Another problem I have with this site which I’m sure many users also have is the selection of babies, the fact that it looks more like a European based website rather than American based, this might seem odd to sugar daddies who are from the American part of the world, especially those of them who aren’t into the “mail-order brides”.


If there is one thing they need to work on, it would be the language barriers and that subconscious feeling of the website being a European based dating site, it should also swing to the Americans too.

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