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Sugar Baby Safety: How to Stay Safe in a Sugar Dating

Sugar baby Safety is always a topic we have to pay attention to in a sugar dating. Let us face the fact that the online dating world is a vulnerable place. No matter how experienced you are, you have always to be aware of the person you are going to meet with. So today, we are going to talk about sugar baby safety, and we are also going to figure out how should you protect yourself.

Tips for Sugar Baby Safety

Background checks and verified by the camera are great, but it is also important to exercise common sense. You should do your work on someone, make sure that you research them on social media, and do not forget that you should always meet them in a public place on the first date. Also, if you decide to meet them, you should tell a friend or family member where are you going, and when are you going to be back. Even if you take all the necessary precautions, meeting someone online is still a risk, but it is true what they say with great risk comes great reward.

To show you how safe sugaring it can enhance in your life, we caught up with Alison. She is a sugar baby out of New York whose sugar daddy is flying her to Las Vegas for a first time meeting.


Q1: how did you find about meeting someone for the first time in another city? How did you maintain your safety?

A: well. It is definitely nerve-wracking to meet anyone for the first time even in your own city. So to fly across the country to meet them is definitely something that made me feel a little shaky, but luckily we took some precautions to make sure that I would feel safe, and I would feel secure, and that way I could really enjoy the date and getting to know him without any of my concerns getting in the way. Some other things that he did for me included in my name in the hotel and the flight, and I got to go back to a hotel room after our date, and there was no pressure, and I can be myself and have that alone time. So taking those precautions was really important for me, and I got to kind of let my hair down and focus on him.


Q2: So how did he approach you on the sugar daddy app? Did it straight outcome to Vegas with me? Or was it just hey what’s up?

A: to be honest, I get approached a lot on the site and a lot of different ways by a lot of different guys. So naturally, I cannot answer all the messages, and if you would approach me in a way that was uncomfortable, I would not have pursued it. If somebody does approach you in an uncomfortable way, you should make sure that you report them, because you can help other girls with poor experience off of the site.


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