Best Sugar Daddy Dating Apps & Websites

As many young beauties and some wealthy daddy yearn for the sugar relationship, sugar daddy dating industry is booming. Choosing the right sugar daddy dating apps or websites is a very important first step to get a sugar relationship started. Wrong platform from the start can make it even harder for sugar babies to find a sugar daddy. Or worse, you may meet a salt daddy. So let’s take a look at the best sugar daddy websites and apps we recommend for you.

sugar daddy websites

#1 Sudy

High Quality Dating Community for SD & SB

Sudy is one of the best sugar daddy dating apps, which has been in operation for years and successfully matched thousands of people and helped them in getting matches with rich sugar daddies or beautiful sugar babies. As can be seen from the Sudy version updates, developers are working to create a better dating atmosphere. The quality of users’ profile is improving, and more premium daddies and babies are starting to use sudy.

#2 Seeking Arrangement

Fuel Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Seeking Arrangement is the origin and most famous sugar daddy app and site with a large user base. It can be said that the existence of Seeking Arrangement undoubtedly provides a new way of relationship for the successful and attractive people. But as a result of the FOSTA-SESTA, Seeking Arrangement’s App was removed from app store, the domain name changed to Seeking, and claimed in the Android app description that it’s not a sugar daddy app anymore.

#3 Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Make life Sweeter

Sugar Daddy Meet is also an origin sugar daddy site, which was founded in 2001 and has been in existence for 17 years. Sugar Daddy Meet has an internal forum for members to share successful sugar baby arrangement example  and dating stories.Which allows some newbie sugar baby and sugar daddy to learn from real stories. It’s most users are active on websites now.

#4 Miss Travel

Travel Around the World with Sugar Daddy

Among the many sugar dating sites, Miss Travel cuts in from an interesting angle which is travel. You may not care so much about your allowance, here, but what you care most about is who you want to go to Hawaii or Paris with. This may sound like more fun than the other dating, but it’s also you’re taking a lot more risk by going out with strangers for a long time.

#5 What's Your Price

Bidding on Your First Date

Unlike other websites and apps, Whats Your Price has been completely open about money trading relationships. Biding on first date is a very interesting point, according to the official website data show that the user’s Average first date incentive is $125. This kind of website, which can make money and evaluate oneself  attractiveness at same time, can be very attractive to users.

#6 DaddyHunt

Best LGBTQ Film winner in 2017

DaddyHunt is the best gay sugar daddy app for now, which already has more than 1 million gay men.  The app is famous not just because of App itself, but also because they made a great series about the love story between the man and his neighbor gay daddy, which is now in its third season. This serial win ‘Best LGBTQ Film’ in 2017.

#7 Rich Meet Beautiful

Rich People Encounter with Beauties

Rich Meet Beautiful is a sugar daddy dating website for rich men and women to encounter the beautiful. It’s not launched for a long time, but I have to say it’s a good site for rich sugar daddies and sugar mommas to find beautiful sugar babies. But because it’s short time, the current optimization of the site is not very perfect, for example, the language is not very friendly to some countries. But as a website that was launched last year, we are looking forward to future improvements.


Find Potential Sugar Daddies is the one of most original sugar daddy dating websites. It ranks well in Google Search that why people know it. But what people don’t know is that it was an escort site at it’s beginning before 2002. Although his previous positioning was not a good one, there is no denying that you can find a lot of potential sugar daddies on this site. After all it’s the first site most people notice when they search sugar daddy online.

#9 GDaddy​

Seeking Arrangement for Gay Singles

GDaddy is the new sugar daddy app that was launched in 2017. Although time is short, but because the market of gay sugar daddy is very big, competition is not big also, so GDaddy gained a lot of users quickly. As a seeking arrangement for gay singles, GDaddy is not very perfect. The app need to be greatly improved in terms of functionality and user experience, which is why the app in the App Store rating has not been high.

#10 SugarD

Change Your Life for the Better?

As a sugar daddy dating app, SugarD claim to be the elite club for rich, successful and powerful men to meet the beautiful and young women. But as far as we can see, there are very few users because of the lack of fame. Many of the profiles inside App are fake, which leads to a poor user experience and make it even harder for real people to match with each other.