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SugarD App Review: Change Your life for the Better?

It’s a known fact, this dating app is one that’s meant for the wealthy. Safe to say it is one of the famous apps that’s been used by the elite in the society. So, SugarD is a place where a wealthy guy who is looking for love meets a beautiful lady who would keep him company. For you to enjoy this app you need to realize that a sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship is not a bad thing. All you need is to recognize what’s in it for both of you and what exactly you both are getting into.

Getting Started

Unlike the other dating apps that will waste your time with its guesswork; what you have with this app is a matchmaking engine that helps you find that right match you’ve always wanted. It also helps the singles date in a very smart way by helping with lots of suggestions about your suitable matches. How it does this is to study your preferences.

I need not say much about this app but truth is if what you are looking is that fun experience then you need to try out the SugarD app right now – Not patronizing you though, but when you realize we are talking about one of the most powerful sugar daddy dating apps that boast of having the most powerful features and an easy, simple-to-use user experience, only then will you know what I’m talking about.


As at right now, they have over 500 000 American members and over 220 000 members from other countries which includes Australia, England, and Canada. No matter the Sugar role you play, you will always meet your potential partners who have the same interests as you. We’ve heard testimonies of beautiful young ladies who are currently dating multi-millionaires thanks to the SugarD app.

The User Experience

It’s an app, more importantly, you need not fill out any lengthy form or answer tons of questions before you are able to find that perfect person. What’s totally unique about this app is that it is free, unlike other “Free” apps that only allows you to take a tour around its pages. Though to message and connect with a potential match you will need to pay a premium to get a full membership. Signing up as I said earlier is pretty simple. You can also make use of your Facebook profile. You’ll only start with few minutes.

The SugarD app is  available on the Google Play Store and it’s free to download. The interface is similar to other dating apps. So navigating your way around shouldn’t be a problem if you are familiar with other dating apps. It has a main window that shows a full page of photos of the person profile you’ve searched for. It also has a menu Icon in the top left corner to help navigate around the app’s features. Moving from one page to the other shouldn’t be a problem. It was designed to move from one page to the other without hassle thanks to its nav menus. Some part of it still needs to be worked on though. Like the part where you can’t message someone unless you’ve been liked by that person and you have limited number of profiles to open on a daily basis.

Notable Features of the SugarD app.

  •    It has what I call “in-the-moment” feature that allows you to show others what you are currently doing. See it as a dating app that’s combined with some social media elements! It also helps you showcase your luxurious lifestyle and boosts your profile on the site. The more that happens to you, the more your chances of been seen by a potential sugar daddies or sugar babies. So, know that if you have a good write up on your profile page and a lovely picture to go with it, the SugarD app will get you closer to that potential partner in no time.
  •    The Quick match feature allows you to swipe left to pass someone or swipe right to like that profile. The moment you both like each other’s profile, there is an instant match.
  •    The Beauty verification is one of the interesting parts of this app. The major problem with all of the dating site is the fact that the person you meet online is not the same person you will meet in the real world. The heavy make-up is killing it, but thanks to the beauty verification, it will allow you see the sugar baby’s face without makeup. You now decide if she’s good looking or not. It will verify their real beauty. All they need to do is upload their no makeup photos and submit to verify. It is usually verified by SugarD, she gets a token for been verified.
  •    Finally, the income verification feature. You get to see sugar daddies with different annual incomes. Some are usually higher than $300k. If that’s the case then the sugar daddy needs to apply for his Diamond Certification. It’s a real token for success and wealth. This feature allows you (as a sugar daddy) to win the trusts of Sugar babies in no time.


Before we go into the pricing options, it is important to note that you are permitted to use most features that will help you find partners and the pricing is totally affordable. It also has an in-app purchase system.

  •    1-month auto-renewal premium membership of $69.99.
  •    3 months premium membership of $179.99
  •    6 months premium membership $299.99

The Pros of using the SugarD app

  •    The Features are unique and you will hardly find them on other dating apps.
  •    It is free to use.
  •    Social media elements make it interesting to use.
  •    Signing up is pretty simple
  •    The design makes it look classy.

The Cons of using the SugarD app

  •    It is not designed for sugar mommas and male sugar babies
  •    Unless someone likes you, it’s impossible to message that person.
  •    It allow you to view a limited number of profiles every day.


There is little to say about it, but if you need an app that will help you do the job of meeting your potential partner without any hassle, then this app is for you.


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