sugar daddy wall Review: The Original Site for Sugar Daddy Relationships

Once upon a time, was originally redirected to a website for finding escorts in the late 90s (1998 to be precise). Later on, it was redesigned to what we now know as Sugar Daddy dating site in 2017 but it has really been online since 2002.

But today ranks as one of the best and largest sugar daddy sites in the world today, thanks to their ranking on Google. It is a dating site where you get to meet a potential sugar daddy, meanwhile, both escorts and prostitution are not allowed on the Sugar Daddy site. So, the question is how does it work? That’s what we will be talking about in this article.

How the Website Works.

Normally, we need not say much about this part judging by the name, but we will anyway. The website is a platform designed for rich and matured men who are looking for beautiful women who want to be taken care of financially, but it’s a symbiotic relationship, where one gain emotionally (and sometimes sexually). It is the first dating site of its kind and unfortunately, it remains one of the most imitated websites online after creating the millionaire dating concept. They boast of having models, millionaires, professional businessmen and women who want a quality approach from a modern online dating platform.

To be a member of, you need no income verification, another thing that stands this site apart from another website. One other thing I’m sure you don’t need when registering is disclosing any personal information, and profiles are always in full view for those with a free account. One thing that we need to talk about though is how they (Sugar Daddy) keep the messages and emails from hackers. We don’t know if they use any encryptions.

Signing Up and creating your own account.

Signing up on is quite easy, all you need is your email and every other thing while registering will be provided on the registration page. Registering takes just 2 steps, the first step includes filling your name, every other basic information about you, you will also be asked to fill in what you are looking for. Once registration was done, you can now surf around the site, don’t worry, doing that doesn’t require any payment.

The second step is the subscription page, there is a big banner that shows a 3-day free trial every time you are logged in, you will be asked to provide your credit card details if you want to claim your 3-day trial membership. To stop the renewal payment, you will need to cancel the subscription.

The User Experience

The user experience of any website is really important, so is that of sugar daddy, to be sincere, the website needs to be redesigned. Both the color and the design are poor choices. At a point, people had a problem with the profile picture stretching in the wrong dimensions, but that has been fixed now.

The Pricing and Subscription

Unlike most other dating sites, doesn’t disturb you with any automatic rebilling, being a member is up to you. Like we said earlier, signing up will only take you minutes. But the free membership doesn’t come with some privileges, so if you need more functionalities and features, you will need to subscribe

If you’d love to send messages, reply to them or initiate the messages, you can’t do that on the free membership, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.

  • 1 Month Platinum Membership – $39.95
  • 1 Month Diamond Membership – $44.95.

For an extra cost of $14.95 per month, you can include “Full Contact” which would allow non-playing members to contact you and allows you to reply to your emails.

Some Free-to-use functionalities.

  •    Using the free membership account still allows you to view members that you like and the same for those who like you.
  •    Allows you to view your login history
  •    You can view fill profile, also, you can add any profile you want to your favorites.
  •    Sugar Daddy allows you to browse sugar babies, sugar daddies, gay sugar daddies, and sugar mummies.
  •    Just because it’s a free membership doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to search by username, member ID, gender, age, photos, those that are currently online and country/city.
  •    You have the right to block annoying members.

Notable Features of the Sugar Daddy Website.

  •    Provides you with a personal profile which you can fill out.
  •    You find young females who are looking for that financial support.
  •    They’ve got singles who are interested in casual dates or relationship of their terms.
  •    They’ve also got men looking for love and companionship.
  •    You will find someone who is looking for a real and long-term relationship.
  •    The members are in different age groups.

The pros of using the Sugar Daddy website

  • It has no auto-renewals for members
  • It is unarguably one of the biggest online platforms for wealthy singles.
  • Great for people living in the English Countries.
  • They’ve been paving the way for over 15 years. They boast of having over 4 million members.
  • It is Ads Free.

The Cons of using the Sugar Daddy Website.

  • You need no income verification to be a member.

Our Verdict.

It is normal to seek for a partner who would suit your needs, and just as we said earlier, relationships should be a symbiotic thing. If you are looking for a platform where you can get your dream partner, the Sugar Daddy Website is one of your best options. So, have fun, live your life and live it to the fullest.


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