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What Are Typical Sugar Daddy Scams You Should Beware?

Recently we have noticed that more and more sugar daddy scams appear on various sugar dating apps. Many newbie sugar babies have been cheated out of some money more or less. As we were reviewing each sugar daddy dating app, we’ve noticed people complaining that there are too many scammers on the app. But as a sugar baby, you should know that sugar dating is the relationship of money and arrangement, which make cheaters never absent. So we can’t expect those sugar daddy dating apps to keep every single scammer out of it but learn how to avoid them. Here are some typical sugar daddy scams you should beware.

  1. Contact information in the profile

If you see a sugar daddy in his profile with a long article about how to spoil you, you might find it tempting. But if he’s interspersed with their contact information in any way on his profile, don’t try to contact them. Because they’re either scammers or salt daddies. Especially when the account is in some strange way. Like “My Kik is S, C, A, M, E, R without the comma.” That means they know that those apps don’t allow them to write contact information and they can’t afford a membership. They want something else for free here.

  1. A long first message about allowance with Kik username

This kind of sugar daddy scams they will send a long copied and pasted message. The general content is that they see your profile like you, how many allowances to provide you, add his Kik if interested.

This kind of sugar daddy scam This scam is similar to the first except that they have bought a membership. This is a red flag for sugar babies. Because this suggests that these scammers have succeeded in scamming people before, and they believe that they can get more here. According to my experience, all you have to do is report them with a screenshot. The app will deal with them quick.

  1. Asking for bank information

These scammers will ask for your bank information. And if you give it to him, he can swipe your credit card. If you don’t even know this, you should learn more about credit cards.

If you get to this point, it means you didn’t look at the first two points, or the scammer you met was a veteran. You and he have been talking about paying for allowance, but if you don’t realize in time, you’ll most likely become the other person’s pay pig. One thing you should remember is that people who ask you for bank information online are 100% a scammer.

  1. Asking for gift cards

As far as I know, the most people are deceived by this kind of sugar daddy scam. It’s a small amount of money, which make a lot of sugar babies want to try it, second, these cheaters are more professional, they make up more stories to achieve their goals, and third, they promise that the next step will be to pay you. A lot of new baby gets excited.

 These scammers are more professional. They make up more stories to make you believe that a super rich man can’t get a gift card now and it ‘s an emergency. With some stories and allowance promises, some new sugar babies are excited and willing to take a risk. After all, it’s not a lot of money.


Comment below if you know more typical sugar daddy scams.

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