would you marry for money

Why You Should Marry for Money

This may sound a bit controversial, but truth is, it’s not always bad to marry for money. And just before I go into the whole reason why you should marry for money, l should say that I’m a true fan of real love. And there is nothing that can replace true love. You also need to view this with an open mind, only then will this article make sense to you. And ladies, for the next 10 minutes that you will be spending with me, I want you to forget about what your mother and sister have told you about true love. For now, you need to see the reasons why you need to marry the money.

When you’ve gotten to the prime of your youth and your future is moving closer towards you, one mistake you might end up making is marrying a poor man for the sake of true love. Trust me, when it comes to marriage, true love is a lamp that can burn out when it’s not greased with money. Ambitious girls who know what they want are usually against marrying for the sake of love when you can add more spice to it with real money.

  • Marrying for money helps to create the life you’ve always dreamt of having

Women who are intelligent understand the issues that surround anything and everything finance. They know what it feels like to be in this rat-race world and know what is in one means. So they invest for the long term, they practice what’s known as frugality. Having the ability to make financially good of the money. Such women want a man who can relate with them on that level too. And for you to be on that level, you’ve got to be rich and smart. That has nothing to do with being a gold digger, it simply means she wants someone that is totally independent. I’m sorry if it hits you, but that has nothing to do with being a gold digger. As a man, you need to sit your behind down and work harder, because we aren’t settling for less.

  • It’s a two-way street

One of the points I’d like to point out is the double standard that is been practiced by everyone. It’s no breaking news that guys love hot girls. And 90% (if not all) would like to get married to a hot girl. I don’t see anyone calling men “hot-diggers”. Then why is it okay to call girls gold-diggers when it’s obvious they are doing almost the same thing as men. It is totally unfair for a girl to be called a gold-digger because she values men that are financially stable compared to the ones with “true love”. It’s not a lady’s fault. For that, if it’s a norm for a man to value the size of a woman’s breast, vein stuffs like the size of a girl’s but, I believe a woman should also be allowed to value the depth of a man’s pocket. That’s it!

  • You will become financially in tune

Marrying for the financial gain ensures that you ultimately make you fair better compared to those who don’t. Why is that you’d ask, well, just like I said earlier, love is not always everything. And if there is one thing, I know makes a marriage last today, it will be money. The reason why money is important is that you will then be opportune to have your children school in the best environment. And finally if not the most important part, is that you now have one less thing to worry about.

  • It Guarantees Emotional Security

I know a lot of people will beg to differ. That will be fine, but let me break this news to you. Love doesn’t guarantee emotional security. What’s emotional security, if money is not involved, there is no way you can feel emotionally secure. Haven’t you noticed that the time when you felt emotionally secured was when I had money in my purse. That’s the emotional sacrifice I’m talking about? If you don’t have married for money, how will you be secured emotionally, that’s totally difficult.

Let me use myself as an example, I do want to get married to a rich guy, someone who would support me financially, and our kids too. Don’t be ashamed to marry for money, every woman loves to be pampered, where will the pampering come from if not from knowing that there is money to spend.

On the long run, you will find out that marriage should be beneficial. And no, don’t get me wrong. I’m not just talking about the gifts that you get from your wedding. I’m also talking about the Spouse IRA that you get from the Social Security and so many other things.

  • Money Buys Happiness, we can talk about Joy later

I’d totally disagree with whoever talks about money not being able to buy you happiness, it sure can, haven’t you heard ladies talk about preferring to cry in a Ferrari even though money doesn’t buy happiness.

Believe me, living in a small place, with little or no money to go out with makes living pretty difficult. I’m sure it won’t shock you to find out that majority of the divorce that we get today is as a result of financial trouble. And what makes money the number one factor of divorce? Simple, when there is not enough of it, it surely becomes a problem.

I know this might sound like a bad idea, but trust me, if you want to get married, make sure your man is financially stable, or at least, have the potential. Regret is something you don’t want to live with for the rest of your life.

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